Fact: Suicide takes more lives in America than homicides, yet little is said about it. Perhaps if the blanket of societal denial was whisked away by the open discussion of the presence of suicide in the societal room, then suicide may begin to lose its hold on American culture.

My daughter courted the idea of suicide for over half of her life, from the age of 15, when suicide took on a glorified position in her life, till she was 33, and her long history of negative ideation finally killed her.

The negative thinking that fuels suicide, has usually taken root long before a suicide occurs, and lies dormant until something goes wrong in the person’s life, which will invariably happen in every life, and in one stupid, and impulsive instant, a life is gone forever.

The Long Suicide: Losing Ariel, is an essay that  addresses the dangerous suicidal obsession that took my daughter’s Life. Perhaps this book will one day save one life. I sincerely hope so.


Sara NIles


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