Trump-mania is running rampant like a polarizing magnetic force that either repels or attracts, based upon individual ideology; and the Plot Thickens: Trump IS Still Tearing Down the House, as chaos reigns after only a little over two weeks in office. Two weeks, and millions have marched against him,In 50 states and 32 countries  virtually screaming out ‘something is wrong’, that justice is being tipped in favor of power. The fear mongering promoted from Trump’s White House, as all who don the favor of Trump, back him loyally, the propagandist poison spreads like a dangerous wildfire:

The aliens are coming for us all, we must shut all doors and windows, cut the virtual lines to all allies and form a strong alliance with our former enemy, Putin’s Russia. Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right, much like George Orwell’s 1984 novel in which  slogans are, “War is peace / freedom is slavery [and] ignorance is strength.” The world is being turned upside down, while the power balance in the United States White House, is becoming dangerously precarious. The fear is focal to what is going on in government more than what is happening without.

So who is actually responsible for Donald Trump’s occupation of the United States White House, perhaps it is the Trump voters. Who are they and why did they chose the most unconventional candidate for the highest position in the land. Could it possibly be the slogan ‘Make America Great Again had something to do with it, leading one to wonder what does Make American Great Again really mean. Could it be a racist call to arms to some, a chance to vote one’s issues  for a significant number; although obviously not all Trump voters voted their issues, many voted out of desperation, believing jobs were forthcoming, a large section of Trump Voters who refuse to entertain either facts or logic-Did in fact, Vote-Their-Issues.
But not one will admit it because…it is much like racism during slavery in America. Those who wished to keep it going, manufactured reasons why it made sense, from moral reasoning, Biblical incantations, economic reasons and even the old ‘they can’t take care of themselves (the ‘blacks’) because they are inherently inferior to the white race. In addition, many of the privileged women who deem themselves potential old style Southern Belles, are excited over the secret prospect of having their granddaughters revel in stolen prestige and privilege simply because they-are-white. White is Right-and America will be Great Again rings a different tone in their ears. America will be Great Again-may sound a different bell to different people for different reasons; although the worse possible reason is so White Privilege can be restored:


Feigned ‘ignorance’ in some Trump supporters is a thin veil attempting to cover up abject racism. Logic does not work with people who have voted their issues-because the issues are ruling them. Some have to have a scapegoat, just as when NAZI Germany used the Jews for that purpose. Beware when whole classes of people are very selectively blamed for the actions of a few crazy ones in the ranks, AKA ‘radical’. ALL Races have a few ‘crazies, a few extremists among the group, but the rest of America does not blame all ‘white’ people for the Klu Klux Klan, the Extreme Right, the Alt Right, The White Supremacists, and so on; nor should all brown, yellow, black, and cream colored races be blamed because a few Lone Wolves take crazy action and kill people. This is not about immigrants who have committed crimes; it’s about individuals giving themselves permission to H-A-T-E. Hating a scapegoat group frees the individual from dealing with his or her own issues of feeling cheated, powerless, violated, suppressed, and whatever else, one feels when not happy within. Hating ‘illegal immigrants’ or any group will not bring peace, only WAR. War within ourselves, and if we are not careful, this unmanageable chaos created by Donald J. Trump may erupt into War in the very literal sense.  Care must be taken, and all must remain vigilant to danger, not the kind that comes in the form of scared immigrants crossing the border in plain view after two years of vetting, and years of refugee living in camps; but vigilant to the danger of the soundly established government of the United States that is Of the People and For the People, losing its hold on democracy.

Let It Go, if loyalty to Trump regardless of what is right, violates freedom of speech, issues of justice, or basic principles of fairness and of right and wrong: IF the dysfunctional Issues of secret loyalists Win, then we will ALL lose, that includes Trump Supporters. Let Right be Right- and what is Wrong, still be simply Wrong.


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