What is Wrong with Trump?

What is wrong with Donald Trump? The same thing that was wrong with Hitler: Trump and Hitler were both stunted in childhood, both remained Egocentric throughout their lives, both think the world revolves around them. A person can be an egomaniac, and egocentric, without extreme power and control issues, but in the case of Trump, this is not so. Trump has to be ‘right’, always….always…. It does not matter what the subject is, or how important or unimportant, just like a nine year old boy (which is where he is stuck, that is why he says ‘very, very’ and ‘bigly’, the language of a child), Trump misses the more important world issues, because he is, and will always be-stuck on himself. No man or woman with that mindset can properly represent the issues of over three hundred million people, most of whom are in desperate need of help…not a wall…. You can’t eat a wall or live in it, not a relationship with his idol Putin (His projected ‘father ‘figure, more powerful than he, and a power monger like Trump’s own father). Trump is forever a nine-year-old bully child, seeking more and more power and attention in order to show the world, he is a winner, the best, the most powerful.  Trump seeks the admiration of similar world models, egocentric and egomaniacal power mongers, such as the notorious Kim Jong-un, and Putin. Trump distracts the focus away from his negative ideals by flattering compliments, such as ‘they are great people’, and after saying ‘lock her up’ he says ‘she is a great person’…this is a trait of con artist and manipulators, a disingenuous feign of niceness when its suits him, and switching mode to suit the audience.

I have never feared the installment of a new president in my life, but I do now.


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