The Power mongering antics of the Grand Old Party threatens to stop the smooth operation of the American Government, that is, unless the GOP have their demands met. This meets the classic definition of holding  hostage, in this case the entire American government. This has been the case during government shutdowns, but never so blatantly as in the actions taken by the GOP after the February 13th, 2016 death of

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia



The power struggle between the Democratic and Republican parties of American government are preventing our government from operating the way it was designed to, as a Government for the People and By the People. The growing power of the Republican Party is converting the GOP into a ruling despot that sits in government attempting to rule behind the scenes, by the use of delaying strategies, blocking of presidential actions, and obstructing the business of government. The GOP uses propaganda as a blind in an attempt to prevent the American People from seeing the true motivation behind Republican Power Plays, the need for more and more control, with the ultimate agenda of protecting the money of The Rich, not the interests of The People. The GOP threatens to undermine the basic premise of the American Constitution, the need to protect the government from being overtaken by power mongers, by keeping a healthy Checks and Balances system in place. The balance of the system is being placed at risk with each new power –play by the GOP.

The death of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia has left the Nation’s highest court, The Supreme Court,  crippled until a replacement is made. The usual process involves a presidential appointment as a replacement; however, just hours after his death the Republican reaction was a united affront against democracy by promising to block any Obama supreme court nomination.

In order for the GOP to make such a ridiculous and childish statement, the basis of the reasoning would have to be rooted in two things:

  • Deliberately planning to stop a duly elected president from performing his duty
  • Deliberate acts geared toward gaining ‘Conservative’ (Republican) Power in the Supreme Court of the United States in order to secure a future GOP agenda

The seriously dangerous actions of the GOP once simplified amounts to ‘Holding the American Government Hostage’, in an attempt to gain more power; even more serious is the basis of the GOP’s need for more power.  The focus of the Grand Old Party has become singularly focused on one goal, that is, to protect the Money and Power of the Rich and Superrich.

The smooth operation of a Democratic Government protects everyone, rich and poor equally, for the United States government is a government For the People and By the People; a government that is at risk each time the Republicans operate as a team against a team, instead of united force devoted to keeping the checks and balances operational in a Healthy American Democracy.

Remember: “WE the people”, is representative of democracy.

Sara Niles


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