Good News: 2016 is a New Start

The world begins anew with each year, with a new chance at a new start for all of us.

2016 begins

Full of things that have never been” _Rainer Maria Rilke

Although things that have never been are ahead of us, we carry the baggage of past years behind, because we are nothing without our history. The world as a whole is full of chaos and beauty, depending on your focus, either can easily be summed up for the past year of 2015:

War and conflict abounded in the Middle East, the Sleeping Giant China actively claimed more power, and the world currency suffered as the stock markets rose and fell in ebb and flow that was constantly teetering on disaster. The Atlantic: World Events 2015
Good News stories of 2015: Africa went a year without a Polio case, thanks to a global campaign to end polio that began in 1988, when polio raged among 125 countries of the world. Global health innovators, William C. Campbell of the United States, and Satoshi Omura of Japan, won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in the development of drugs designed to treat diseases prominent in third world countries, such as river blindness. The online preparation for SAT is now free for everyone, and America has eliminated Rubella. Read here at Bill Gates (

Bill Gates Notes: 2015 in review

Despite the chaos, disasters, war and violence, the world is a wonderful place, and 2016 is open for all the Good News we are capable of creating in our everyday lives.

Sara Niles



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