Rose Green, 77, Began Sprinting Last Year and Now Holds National Record

77 years old: sprinting champ


screen_shot_20150526_at_12.01.38_pm Sprinter Rose Green, 77 (Photo via

At 77, Rose Green is still brushing off her cleats and maintaining her status as one of the fastest sprinters in her age group, My Fox DC reports.  It’s a pretty impressive feat, not only because of her age but also because she took up the sport just last year and rose to the top of the ranks in such a short time.

According to My Fox DC, Green, a resident of Prince George’s County, Md., has won medals in several competitions, including the 200- and 400-meter races, and is the nation’s record holder in her age group in the 60-meter sprint.   Green, a great-grandmother, is trained vigorously by coach Cortez Austin. He’s also her boyfriend.

“She’s world-class,” Austin said about Green’s work ethic and ability. She trains seven days a week.

Green says that she doesn’t get any special treatment from Austin…

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