Common Sounds Cause Uncontrollable Anger For Misophonia Sufferers


CBS Chicago

(CBS) — Chewing, sniffling, breathing, they’re just everyday noises, but for some people they can cause uncontrollable anger.

It’s called misophonia. More doctors are recognizing it and more patients are being diagnosed.

Many common sounds are known as “triggers” for Paul Tabachneck.

“When someone cracks their knuckles around me, it feels like getting punched in the face,” he said.

The snap of a lighter can cause an intense reaction.

“Flick snick, I’ll grab it from them,” he said.

Or this: “Would you please stop crunching your ice for God sakes you lunatic.”

Even a pen click can send him into a rage.

Tabachneck has had misophonia, defined as a hatred of sound. There are a growing number of people who are being diagnosed with it, but it’s still largely a mystery.

“It’s a neurologic cross wiring, we don’t know exactly what caused it,” said audiologist Dr. Melanie Herzfield.

Simple every…

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