One of the greatest mysteries of the world is Life.

The vast universe as we know it is filled with immense power and great masses of stars and planets,


but only the earth abounds with life in every form. Human life is the greatest mystery of all, because humans are different from all other forms of life. Only humans possess the four attributes of godly qualities: Love, Wisdom, Power and Justice, and only humans crave justice in an unjust world and use logic to find meaning in our existence.
Spiritual philosophies and religious doctrines spring from man’s search for meaning and purpose, and in the case of Brian Good, a man who defied the odds by his choice to survive his tragic life, instead of succumbing to it, you should ‘Never Surrender Your Soul’.
I was asked to review Brian Good’s book, Never Surrender Your Soul, although I was impressed more with Brian Good’s story than with the essay-narrative. The fact Brian Good survived his life, is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and for that I greatly admire the author. I would have preferred to have read more about Brian Good’s personal life and the challenges that almost destroyed him, which are missing from his essay. I would suggest Brian Good incorporate more personal narrative into his work.


Brian Good experienced abuse as a child, the tragedies of loss and near suicide, and homelessness; but with the help of a therapist, Brian overcame is drive toward death and defeat to write an essay filled with positive philosophies, and uplifting quotes. Never Surrender Your Soul by Brian Good, is written as a mix of personal narrative, objective summaries of spiritual teachings, and subjective insights gained by the author from his own personal experience.
Good’s writings do not fit into the category of a memoir or personal narrative since the author does not linger upon his personal experiences and feelings, nor are his writings a fully developed essay but more ‘essay-like’ in its attempt to provide an objective view of spiritual philosophy. The author alternates between personal ideas and global views, with a continuing theme that focuses on personal choice and individual responsibility. Good inspires others to choose to live, no matter what happens in life or how difficult life becomes. Good also encourages others to remove negative influences and behaviors from their lives in order to live their best life, by forgiving themselves and others who have wronged them from their past.
The search for meaning in life via Brian Good’s personal story will provide encouragement to the despondent, as it inspires hope and positive thinking.

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