Northeast Shivers as Another Winter Storm Heads to Mid-Atlantic

Snow, Snow, and more Snow


While the Northeast woke up to frigid temperatures President’s Day morning, another winter storm barreled across the Plains and the Ozarks dropping snow, sleet and ice on its way toward the mid-Atlantic.

Several inches of snow have already accumulated in Washburn, Mo., and further east, Nashville, Tenn. already has about a quarter of an inch of ice on the ground, according to the National Weather Service.

The region is experiencing power outages and traffic problems. After the storm is done showering ice and snow on states from Oklahoma to Kentucky, it is predicted to head toward the mid-Atlantic—and maybe even New England.

If it gets as far north as Boston, that city—already pummeled by several winter storms—will come even closer to surpassing its all-time record for snowiest season. At 95.7 inches so far, Beantown has less than a foot to go to top the winter of ’95 to ’96.


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