50 Shades of This is NOT Empowerment

Culture absorbs ideas without question, a dangerous thing. Fifty Shades promotes abuse and imbalance of relationship power as ‘romance’

Sugar, Spice, and Shadow

Don't struggle....resistance is futile. Just what you want to hear from a man, right? Don’t struggle….resistance is futile. Just what you want to hear from a man, right?

I feel disgusted admitting I have actually read the 50 shades trilogy and at one point I was even somewhat enjoying it, but luckily by the time of my full review of the terrible books, I woke up some. Unfortunately the trilogy is quite popular. It is also credited with making BDSM mainstream….in the worst kind of way. Now, there’s this film based on the book that is coming out… on Valentine’s Day of all days.

Because, y’know, abuse is so sexy and romantic.

I don’t even need to go into how 50 shades is abuse and the story is terribly written—- there’s a million blogs that have already discussed that, including mine. Also this one, this fantastic one, this one, and this fun post pointing out the 50 shades of FUCKED…

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