What Critics Are Saying About Fifty Shades of Grey

Is Fifty Shades of Grey more about Fifty Shades of Abuse than innocent romance?


Should Fifty Shades of Grey figure into your Valentine’s Day plans?

Well, after a highly aggressive marketing and public relations campaign that, for better or for worse, couldn’t help but grab your attention, the reviews are in.

Here’s what critics (including PEOPLE’s very own Alynda Wheat) have been saying about the film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan that began as Twilight fan fiction.

The Good

• “Fifty Shades of Grey is exactly what it promises and little more. Johnson is pretty terrific while Dornan does what he can with the material he is given, and they do make a somewhat entertaining couple. The film is an explicit and unapologetic female escapist fantasy in a time when such things are few-and-far between in Hollywood. Sam Taylor-Johnson has crafted a gorgeous looking motion picture that looks grand without necessarily calling attention to itself.” – Scott Mendelson, Forbes.


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