Domestic Homicide stories are in the news every day of the year, in fact when you consider the statistics such as  38% of females murdered were killed by intimate partners (2010), and roughly out of every four females murdered by intimates, a male intimate partner is also killed, it is not surprising that tragic Domestic Violence stories are easy to find. These figures do not include the murdered children who become collateral damage, not to even mention the life-long psychological murder that often takes place when childhoods are stolen by the unnatural presence of violence in the home.

For example, on February 3rd, 2014, in Robbins Chicago, a man shot and killed his wife and two kids, although he was attempting to kill all four-a brave 14 year-old boy managed to save his own life and the life of a 5 year-old nephew by running away. One 17 year-old daughter was shot in the back as she tried to escape:

This type of behavior constitutes War and Terrorism in the home, the domicile, or-in other words, this is the working definition of domestic violence at its worst.

In 2010, violent crimes by intimate partners (both male and female) totaled 509,230 and accounted for 13 percent of violent crimes.[1]

Neil on Goodreads has started a group on Domestic Violence and the Law and he is using my book: Torn From the Inside Out as the reading material to be discussed. Please join the discussion:

Torn From the Inside Out


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