An Injustice Anywhere…Even in Jail Sara Niles

“An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere”  as quote by English writer Samuel Johnson

 The last place society looks for injustice is in the prisons and jails.

The prison system presents one of the most difficult challenges for any society to manage; but when injustice is perpetrated by guards and jail keepers, then it is time for outside intervention. Although men and women are imprisoned because the vast majority either broke laws, or were  also dangers to society, they are still humans who should be treated as such. Remember Nelson Mandela was once jailed and so was Martin Luther King Jr., so the act of being on the wrong side of the bars does not change who the person is, or was as a whole.The humanity of prisoners should be preserved by the representatives society places in control of prisoners, in which case these jailers represent government and authority and  they bear a heavy responsibility for their actions.Misconduct by jailers can not be tolerated by a healthy society:

One recent example of behind the scenes misconduct by a jailer who was found to be suffering from an ‘untreated personality disorder’ due to her own childhood abuse issues:


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