Drug Death of Another Star: Seymour Hoffman

When I was a small child I imagined that he closest thing to a fairy tale life was lived by the stars; after all, they were called ‘stars’ for a reason, they were at the height of notoriety and fame, were often loved by their faithful fans, and had every material life comfort known to man-sometimes many times over. The stars did not just live- they lived life to the fullest, so much so, that they were privileged to devote their entire lives to doing what they loved and being paid exorbitant amounts for it.

There were actors and actresses, singers and musicians, and many lessor ‘stars’ who worked as support personnel. This was truly the life that only magical people lived; at least, that is what I thought as a child. I now know better: the ‘stars’ are just people who shine brightly in the movie lights, and they have the same problems as everyone else, just more resources to deal with them. Perhaps their access to vast financial resources becomes more of a liability than an asset-at least when drugs are involved; and they die like everyone else.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were two of the most recent mega-superstars to die from drug abuse and overdose, but the list is long and continues to grow, with a new name added to its ugly list:  actor Seymour Hoffman, an Oscar winner who was found dead with the needle still in his arm.




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