Pardon My French but I Disagree


I wrote this blog about Our True Nature (as opposed to a sin nature) and the need for Christians who do not line up with evangelical fundamentalism to speak up. Two days later my husband posted the image to the left from Kissing Fish on his wall.  Other than the timing being ironic I honestly don’t think his post was meant as a response to mine.  It did, however, cause me to think.

Can people honestly disagree and remain kind?  Personally, I believe such a discussion is more than possible–it is the only way to participate in intelligent, productive, problem solving.  Yet sadly, in our over-sensitive, entertainment oriented, high speed world, irenic debate is a lost art form.  It “doesn’t work” for the media because kind isn’t exciting or suspenseful.  It doesn’t create drama or move at a quick enough pace.  In short, nice doesn’t hold the audience long enough…

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