@NRA Fascist Hicks: Ignorance & Danger Without End : Support Federal Gun Control In The USA

Open Carry was done before: The Wild West….and we remember how that turned out

Gun Control Now USA

Gun activists have a new craze — and it’s more dangerous

than you think

The new front line in the battle over gun rights is “open carry.” Here’s why it has psychologists deeply concerned

Gun activists have a new craze -- and it's <em>more</em> dangerous than you think(Credit: Reuters/Bill Waugh)

Earlier this month, in the parking lot of the Shop Rite supermarket in West Haven, Conn., a young man pulled a semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle out of his Toyota SUV. Shoppers watched from a cautious distance as he placed the loaded rifle on the floor behind the driver’s seat and then walked away, carrying his laptop case and two handguns. A witness described the armed man to 9-1-1 operators — he was Asian, wearing dark sunglasses and heading toward the University of New Haven campus. UNH students were ordered to shelter in place as police searched for the suspect. Officers spotted William Dong when he emerged from biology class in Kaplan Hall, still carrying…

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