Mandela: Twenty seven years….read blog


27…… 27 years…..

That’s how long Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Jailed for fighting against South Africa’s ugly system of apartheid. Considered a terrorist and a communist even by his many detractors, hailed as the founding father of SA democracy and “father of the country by others. How long would we suffer for our beliefs, our idealogies I wonder?  Is he a great man because the world elevated him there or is  it because he elevated himself to that status by standing for something just and right? We hear so much about civil rights and race relations. But isn’t it really “human” rights and ‘Human” relations. So much is pointed directly to the most obvious difference between a populace and that is race. Oppression due to easiest glaring discrepency. I think people spend too much on never moving past and considering the fact that we are humanity as a whole. Applications and forms everywhere…

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