“I applied to work for this agency because I felt that I belonged there, because it was where my heart was. I wanted to help people who had hurt like I hurt and felt trapped like I had. I wanted to empower those who felt they were powerless, and give courage to the brokenhearted. My comrades in this mission were all there with me, as we all strove for the same things and for similar reasons that cemented our friendships and changed our perspectives on life. My new coworkers and I, would share a rich and grand experience working together, as we embarked upon an adventure that needed telling;, a soulful potion that needs sharing…in the journey of this new life”

Quote from Out of the Maelstrom

Sara Niles used the narrative to reveal through the stories of human lives, how the dysfunction and chaos produced by abuse, leads to destruction in the lives of men, women and children. The setting is in a small town rife with drugs and poverty, where opportunities are few, and only the power of the human spirit has enabled many to survive. The book presents some of the most unusual and amazing life stories in the context of the social issues and historical events that affect us all.

Out of the Maelstrom is about the human spirit under fire; a triumph of the internal conflict of good versus evil in the lives of common people.Image


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