This is a nonfiction essay that delves into the passion that drove Sara Niles to write the memoir: Torn From the Inside Out, a brutally honest, and insightful, true account of the violent abuse of the author, before she was forced to disappear with her five children in 1987. The story behind the creation of the book, takes the reader into the life of Sara Niles at the time when the chaotic circumstances of her life, erupted into a lifelong mission to combat domestic violence and family dysfunction in the home.

After the completion of Torn From the Inside Out, Niles wrote The Journey and Out of the Maelstrom, all three books are part of the Torn Trilogy; a series of domestic violence related memoirs designed to capture the damage of domestic dysfunction as it wreaks generational havoc within the lives of people.

The title chosen for Torn From the Inside Out,

is based upon Nile’s quote:

“To tell a story of pain so great,

as to tear the soul inside out”

Pain and passion are integral to the  reasons why the author chose to write memoirs about abuse and trauma. Just as the reasons for many of our choices, are a result of our most influential life experiences, it is also true that passion often arises from the pain we have experienced in life.

Some of the most moving and beautiful art and music, were created by those whose passions were ignited by pain: Charles Dickens wrote about children whose lives were nearly destroyed by destitution and poverty, such as Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, and he also wrote of those whose hopes were never destroyed, as in Great Expectations, regardless of life’s complications and obstacles. Charles Dickens knew his subject matter well, having lived an unhappy childhood himself, and it is because he both knew his subject matter, and was passionately driven to write about it, that Charles Dickens’s wonderful and classic works of literature exist for us today.

The world is more filled with writers today, than it possibly ever has been before, perhaps more so than in all of history; simply because technology has enabled it to be so. Some say that the eBook market has been ruined, while others cite the fact that among the new ‘slush’ pile of eBooks that are out there for us to sample, there are many new and undiscovered gems from new authors, who may yet be unknown to the majority of the reading public.

Hundreds of thousands of writers write, because the passion to write drives us to continue to produce, and to create.

Sara Niles writes because it has become a mission that was bred out of a cauldron of trauma. This essay takes the reader on a short, but intense trip in time, through the birth of Sara Niles, through her branding by the fire of life, and into the literary journey that has resulted: The Birth of the Book.

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