by Sara Niles  8-1-2013


The “Madness of War” (Queen Elizabeth)

The state of the global climate has created some very realistic fears of the possibility of global nuclear war, or World War III. It has recently come to light that the internationally held fears of a third world war had been incorporated into the British war preparedness plan.

Queen Elizabeth, whose reign over England has spanned over sixty years, prepared a speech for such a devastating eventuality in which she recounted the perils of World Wars I and II and encouraged her subjects to rely on the same fortitude that helps them survive the first two wars to get them through a third world war. The queen ended her speech concerning the “madness of war” with the encouraging words: …May “God bless you all”.

(See Link to archival document:

Although the world seems to have found a more balanced perspective toward nuclear armaments since the 1960’s when the MAD, or idea of a Mutually Assured Destruction would have resulted if two of the world’s greatest superpowers had actually unleashed the stockpile of nuclear weapons each held in store (

Since Queen Elizabeth was born in 1929, and came to the throne in 1952, her entire life spanned the era of wars, and super wars as we now know them through history: therefore her words “The madness of war”, were most fitting.

I remember the era of fear mongering, when nuclear fallout was not only a real possibility but was treated like a routine fire drill. When I was in elementary school in the middle 1960’s, the gold and black fallout sign with three gold triangles within a black circle, were supposed to be shelter areas where one could seek safety from radioactive fallout. I did not comprehend the complicated situation that the world had placed itself in at that time, but I do remember the sense of foreboding.

If a third word war was to ever occur, I agree with the Queen: “May God bless us all”.


Queen Elizabeth of England



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