Sara Niles

Into every book written by an author, there is a little bit of the author’s life and personality, whether the author writes fiction of nonfiction. Within each story there is some nuance of the voice behind the page, the man or woman who tirelessly toiled to create a story.

In the case of Stephen King the mega-author

(see King’s Mega-list: ),

who wrote thousands upon thousands of pages of books that became best sellers, including many that were made into movies, King admits that his own life experience colored his writings:

“1988: “I have a sense of injustice that came; I think … My mother was a single parent. Her husband deserted her when I was 2, and she went through a lot of menial jobs. We were the little people. We were dragged from pillar to post…” Quoted from:

King goes on to add:

“A lot of that sense of injustice stayed. It stuck with me, and it’s still in the books today.”

Agatha Christi, one of the world’s most prolific authors, traveled the world and spent many years in the orient, accompanying her archaeologist husband Max Mallowan. From Christie’s life experience came the book:  ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ , written in 1934, and still a best seller today:

The much repeated advice to write what you know, is a best practice for good authors, because what we know best, comes from life.

 Sara Niles

Author of Torn From the Inside Out


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