Assault Weapons and The Right to Bear Arms

The Right to Bear Arms and Assault Weapons
Sara Niles Dec. 18-2012

When the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution used the words we should all have the right to “bear arms”, ‘arms’ were reasonable weapons, mostly single shot, muzzle loaders and weapons that had to be loaded with deliberation. These types of weapons were also used to hunt dinner and protect the family from wild animals; they were nothing like the high powered assault weapons that fire multiple high caliber rounds that we have today. High powered assault weapons would destroy meat if used to hunt or kill farm animals for food-the meat would be unusable; therefore, these guns are made for killing people and that is just what they do.

Stop treating the purchase of assault weapons lightly; it is too costly in the long run. In the civilian population, outside the confines of war, weapons of this nature should only be used by law enforcement as backup firepower in cases in which such power is duly warranted. If Adam Lanza had less gun power at his disposal or none at all, perhaps the terrible tragedy that occurred at his hands would not have happened at all.

The right to bear arms has limitations just like everything else-we don’t have the right to stash missile launchers in our garages because that is obviously an unreasonable expectation-assault weapons should be included as unreasonable firepower for a common citizen.

Senator Dianne Feinstein(D-California) is willing to push for assault weapons ban and a petition is going around to help congress pass control control legislation by urging the NRA to ‘step down’. Read here:


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