The World is in Trouble Again…

When I was a young girl back in the year, well…maybe we can skip that part, but I was a young girl once and I remember quite a different world then. The Cold War (1945-1991) between the United States and Russia was at a peak when I was in first grade, so much so that we watched safety videos on the old fashion giant reel machine that demonstrated how you come under enemy attack at any moment while shopping or driving down the highway at which you were to jump out of the car, get in the ditch and put both arms over your heads.  This process was training for nuclear D day when we could possible come under nuclear attack by Russia. The radiation would kill you anyway I realized later, so the jumping into a ditch thing would have been of little use. The one thing those videos did for us as young children, was to scare us senseless and for good reason.

 By the time the armaments race slowed down from a vicious competition between the Eastern and Western blocs of nations, the two sides had amassed enough nuclear power to eradicate the entire earth multiple times over, according to experts.  The world truly was in serious trouble then and everyone knew it.  By the time Russia’s economy weakened, Mikhail Gorbachev was ready to negotiate on the glorious day when Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev at Brandenburg gate in West Berlin Germany in 1987:


Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.”


I will never forget those words, they were spoken at a pivotal time in American history, one that rivaled a pivotal time in my own life and so I wrote about the Fall of the Berlin Wall in my memoir The Torn Trilogy, along with the freeing of Nelson Mandela during the same time frame:

 “The changes in the world were a sign that nothing remains the same, growth and change were and remain to be, a part of life. In the previous year 1989, the infamous wall between East and West Germany went down, after standing for twenty-eight years as a concrete symbol of the Cold War between the United States and Russia, the North against the South–Democracy versus Communism. The Berlin Wall fell, Mandela was free. It was overwhelming for me to comprehend how wonderful these changes were. These were Hope inspiring and wonderful things to feed my heart and soul. I wished every broken heart and soul was free from tyranny and injustice, but since that could not be, then these things would do for now”


Excerpted from The Torn Trilogy (Sara Niles, 2011)


The world does continually change, for the better and for the worse and each time, somehow humanity grabs hold of the gumption built into them and we move forward time after time, civilization after civilization.

 This time the fire comes from within, from the internal commotion that is wrecking world economies and the change must come from us. There is no time to lose, the huge, flailing global economy must be salvaged before it crushes us all.







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