British author JK Rowling’s hugely successful Harry Potter Series has gone not only digital but Amazonian digital but without the Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature. What difference does that make you say?


Well for those of us who are unknowns, DRM is a godsend because it is a protection against digital thievery out there in cyberspace; however, JK Rowling is such a huge name and her books are so well known that  digital thief would commit legal suicide if they stole Harry Potter books. R


The release of seven of Rowling’s books caused an overload on the Amazon Kindle site crashing the site today according to news reports:


It is no surprise that mass overload resulted when hundreds of thousands of Rowling fans rushed the Amazon Kindle site; after all The Harry Potter series is the best selling series in history selling over half a billion copies.


This is great news for Harry Potter lovers but this also may signal a drastic change for indie authors. The appearance of giants like JK Rowling will no doubt be followed by more of the big name authors. The Kindle market was an indie author’s paradise at one time. The water was good and swimming was allowed. Perhaps the Kindle pool is about to suddenly become crowed just like the regular book market.


Time will tell.


Sara Niles

Indie Author

Author of The Torn Trilogy

First book of The Torn Trilogy


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