The Indie author revolution has geared up for heavy duty competition as independent self-published authors fight to gain a ray of public sunlight.  The FREE promotions used by Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors is one of the new marketing tools employed to garner a moment’s attention for kindle books; so if you are a proud kindle owner, the book hunting is FREE, at least for five days at a time or permanently if you are an Amazon Prime member (subject to an annual membership fee).

I recently published the complete Torn Trilogy, a work that has consumed a large portion of my life and today, I am part of the KDP crowd with the first of the twelve chaplet sample editions of the 1200 page trilogy available free :

Details available at Impact Books & Art website:

Author interview:

FREE Kindle book February 7-11 on AMAZON
First installment of the continuing saga of Sara NilesMy life mission is to 'kill the dog that bit me' or conquer the monsters of family dysfunction: The Torn Trilogy is my defining work