ON Grief and Loss

The Existential Addict

“Will my daddy come out of the moon and pat me on the head and tell me goodbye?” asked Kat, my best friend’s 5 year old daughter, when she learned her father had died. How do you explain death to a 5 year old? How do you make her understand that she will never again see her father a.k.a. her super hero?

Nathan, her father, was killed while riding his bike. The man who hit him was drunk with one DUI already. The collateral damage of addiction…a fatherless 5 year old.

I watched as she tried to wrap her mind around absolutes like “never again” and “forever,” her little heart splintering with each epiphany. “I will never see my daddy again.” And the tears came…the keening…the pain so deep she could not fathom. “So he’s an angel now?” she asked, attempting to write this in a way that makes sense…

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