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The Torn From the Inside Out Trilogy

Literary Narrative Nonfiction

The Trilogy of Torn covers over four decades, beginning with Torn From the Inside Out, Sara Nile’s story of being forced to disappear with her five children in order to escape a sure death as a domestic violence homicide at the hands of a maniacal psychopath.

The Journey, continues the unforgettable story of the ‘children of Torn’ and  their desperate struggles for survival as they fight to overcome traumatic burdens placed upon them by an unfair childhood , in effect, having to slay the ‘three-headed monster’.

Out of the Maelstrom, completes the Incredible Journey of a Lifetime, as the depth and breadth of the trilogy deepens, covering a decade in which Sara Niles worked in the heart of domestic violence as a counselor and trainer, coming face to face with a full range of domestic violence victims and hundreds of perpetrators. Out of the Maelstrom, written in the same flowing literary narrative, reveals the personal side of a problem that exists the world over, and has become a quiet epidemic in America that disrupts the tide of family life.

Sara Niles and her family have completed the circle with the final trilogy, and like the mountain climber who trains for a lifetime for the final ascent of the most difficult climb of all, Sara invites The Reader once more  to ‘take the incredible journey of life’, the final climb to the highest peak, the grand finale of Torn From the Inside Out, as we have traveled through the vortex of the storm into the heart of the maelstrom and out again-the final climb takes us out of the raging inferno of life- Out of the Maelstrom.


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Let the Journey Begin..


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